Louise’s loses the car that devastated their own restaurant

By: Michael Gallo

Lawrence, Kansas

Louise’s Bar, located on 7th street is telling people to remain vigilante and keep a look out for a grey SUV that annihilated the front of their bar on Sunday morning. The question remains for most people just how you go about losing a car that at one point was parked INSIDE your own bar.

It’s estimated that around 2:35 am Sunday morning the SUV came careening down 7th st. and for many speculated reasons made its own entrance by driving through the front of Louise’s bar. Then, in a surprise move that has even the experts baffled, the SUV was allowed to back up, make a 3 point turn (carefully, to avoid hitting cars in the parking lot) and leave the scene uncontested.

Sgt. Ted Dunge of the Lawrence Police Department told the community to be on the look out for a large, silver SUV that “most likely has significant front end damage.” Front end damage would seem likely after an automobile breaches the facade of a brick building.

Finding a suspect will prove to be difficult saying as roughly 87% of Lawrence is estimated to be intoxicated at 2:30 am on a Sunday morning. One of the leading suspects is Phil Luggin, KU Junior who was overheard saying “holy shit bro, I just drove my SUV through the front of Louise’s!” at a party early Sunday morning.

Anyone with tips on the case should keep them to themselves because if a bar can’t catch a car that drove through their front wall then they’re most likely not going to know how to handle a  tip over the phone.


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