Morning bar venture

By: Cody DiCavalcante

Sometimes I do pass a bar and wonder what it is like in the wee hours of the morning. I think to myself “Gee, I wonder what would happen if I went in there and had a beer?” Nothing. Nothing would happen. I would sit down at the barstool, probably being the only one in there, except maybe a few drunkards from last nights extravaganza who could either not find a ride or were part of the family business scoping down on what they think is their right as owners. I sometimes bring this up with people, the idea of going to a bar before noon and they shoot the idea down. Its like I just asked if I could borrow a million dollars from them.  But what harm really comes from drinking a couple beers at 8 in the morning? I’m not out in the world yet, working 50 hours a week trying to support my family. I’m not going to class directly after I spend 30 minutes or so at the bar and its not like I’m going to be doing this every week. Its an experience. You live and you try new things and that includes something as spontaneous as drinking a beer while the infomercials are still rolling across the old boob tube. Before you walk through the doors, you sniff the silhouette of dawn and maybe catch a glimspe of the yellow body in the sky that provides massage therapy for our countries and counties. After that, you walk onto the wooden floor that used to imitate the marlboro and camel smokers, which inhaled it deep into it’s cracks but now just provides footing for all the ladies and gentlemen. You make a smile like the sunrays against the grass and order up.


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