High prices of deli-meat

By: Cody DiCavalcante

So lately I’ve been going to the grocery store. This place rocks. Usually you can find some pretty good deals. I try my best to take advice from my mom and buy stuff that is on sale. Not knowing what exactly a good sale on any food item is yet, I just try to buy stuff under 5 dollars for all my food selections. With deli-meat its differnt though. I love to eat sandwiches, so passing up turkey or roast beef or any other kind of meat that isn’t under 5 dollars isn’t going to fly in my book of life.

I live right down the street from a Safeway and thats probably where I’ll shop from now on. I have a Fry’s right behind me but its a little too industrial. Last time I went in there I brought a DiGiorno’s pizza to the checkout lane, 2 seconds later I hear over the intercom, “Can we get security over at pharmacy.” The check-out guy laughed. It must happen a lot. Me, I kept looking behind me in fear I’d get shot. Could happen. The guy could have a hatred for young guys with black hair and who buy DiGiorno. Guy could liek Freschetta for all I know. 2 seconds+2 seconds later= almost shitting my pants. This was a scary situation for me. I had no idea what was going on. There could have been some crazy man/woman over there shoving a gun in the pharmacists face for a quick fix of antibiotics. I wanted the guy to stop laughing into the air that was silenced by the disturbed customers and just give me my fucking pizza. So, no more will I shop at that Fry’s.  Unless the have good deals on deli-meat because let me tell you what, the price of deli-meat is always at a standstill. I go back there week after week and the price just stays the same. I want to yank the microphone out of the person’s hands that works at the front desk and yell “Can we seriously get a price check ont he deli-meat!”. Seriously, when the hell are we going to see some cheap prices for that stuff? The world may never know. Maybe the world does know and they will laugh when they read this and say “What a stupid gringo for not knowing that Albertson’s is selling that for 3.99 a pound”

The other day I purchased two pounds of turkey for 16 bucks. 16 bucks! This isn’t beer people. This doesn’t create fun times out of boring times. It just appeals to your taste buds. I don’t know who I gotta talk to to cut the price down, George Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Dana Carvey, Merryl Streep; whoever it is really needs to do a rollback on the turkey, chicken, and cattle meats because I’m getting sick and tired of the high hat.

Yours truly,

The man for my time and place


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