Orange Juice with pulp. Comments?

By: Cody DiCavalcante

Yeah, I have one thing to say about orange juice with pulp. Hell, where have you been buddy? The way it goes down my throat is kind of like when you eat really hot pizza and you notice that your palette has pieces of dead skin hanging off it it and you are eating like millions of those dead pieces but nonetheless this is good juice! I really don’t know what compelled me to buy orange juice with LOTS OF PULP! I think I was in the store yesterday and thought maybe pulp has benefits that non-pulp juice doesn’t. Continuing on the subject of grocery stores, it was pretty busy yesterday at around, oh, 6 o’ clock. I don’t know if people were planning for the end of the world or preparing a tailgate for Justin Beiber but it was packed! There was actually some old man in line yesterday that I felt was trying to use his pre-historic conversation to pick up on two black old ladies in front of him. This is how it all starts, I’m looking at the bank thats in front of me, thinking how cool it would be to take cash then I hear it. The old man says, “Hey you can put those in my basket, your hands will get cold.” Obviously it was the right thing to do, I mean the lady could have gotten frostbite but hearing that while turned away sounded a tad sexual but funny at the same time. Anyways I feel great this morning. I feel like I could resist temptation, support a smart car with my pinkey, grow four moustaches in different places on my body just by flexing my hamstrings, etc. This is definitely something I will keep buying in the future.

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