The way I see it : )

By: Cody DiCavalcante The way I see it, in 5 years I won't have to worry about getting a nonsense lecture from a poly sci. major because he/she will find out that theres more to life than debates about the legalization of marijuana. Save your energy for marriage. Thats where the debates need serious skill in argumentation. The … Continue reading The way I see it : )


Cody’s summer to-do list: A prototype

By: Cody DiCavalcante Again, realize as with my other list I made about things to take to bed, there are some tasks which are true and others which aren't. Hopefully you can connect the dots my friends. 1. Work and make money 2. Make money and save 3. Try to save 50% of what I … Continue reading Cody’s summer to-do list: A prototype

Thomas Edison: Enter the Inventor

By: Cody DiCavalcante It was late in the August of 2015 when I found out that time travel was possible. For years, I had been studying different manuals and guides as to how to get my device to work. Looking back on the aeronautical code of Sir Winston Churchill when he had gone under the possession of … Continue reading Thomas Edison: Enter the Inventor