Cody’s summer to-do list: A prototype

By: Cody DiCavalcante

Again, realize as with my other list I made about things to take to bed, there are some tasks which are true and others which aren’t. Hopefully you can connect the dots my friends.

1. Work and make money

2. Make money and save

3. Try to save 50% of what I make

4. Trips including but not guarenteed: Kansas, Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, and New York

5. Go on a road trip of some sort

6. Summer school (Blegh!)

7. Put a down payment on a farm animal

8. Date a girl

9. Use the force

10. Walk in on a pregnancy

11. Hold a baby right out of the womb and lift it high like in Lion King

12. Sit in a park and play chess (Both with someone and by myself)

13. Take Alex Haddad out and buy him a few rounds (I owe you buddy)

14. Max out my life insurance

15. Go to a concert (Still haven’t been to one)

16. Make moonshine

17. Go back to all the jobs I had quit without notice and tell them I’m sorry (Maybe not)

18. Go cliffjumping

19. Swing from a vine into a lake

20. Go to Arthur Bryant’s (Haven’t been there either)

21. Let an old person tell me their story hoping it may be as long and interesting as in the Green Mile

22. Be happy (That should probably be number 1)

23. Ride a motorcycle

24. Maybe if I show I’m careful enough on a motorcycle, go on a cross country motorcycle trip

25. Camp in Colorado

26. Go to Payson

27. Go to Weston

28. Read at least one book (I’m laughing out loud right now at how I’m setting myself to read just one book)

29. Take an etiquette class

30. Stop using the “F” word. All others are fine by my standards.

31. Try to take all my old camera tapes from high school and transfer them to DVD

32. Develop some sort of accent

33. Meet Sherriff Joe and see what the guy actually looks like

34. Watch an immigrant go over the border wall

35. Develop an aquired taste

36. Drink a carton of milk on a hot day

37. Visit my dad’s grave

38. Sing in an acapella group

39. Go one day without talking

40. Relive childhood: Catch fireflies, eat something stupid like lint, wear underwear with cartoons etc.

41. Get a massage

42. Take a midnight train going anywhere

43. Sing at a kareoke bar

43. Drink a mojito

44. Visit Death Valley

45. Sew clothes and realize how hard it is to make the clothes on my back]

46. Hang out with all my good buds from high school

47. Try to get washboard abs

48. Go kayaking

49. Go to a shooting range

50. Find a good church

That’s all for now. I will add more to the list eventually. For now, this is all I can offer you. I bid you a good day.


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