My life in the summer

By: Cody DiCavalcante

    So as you all know by know, my name is Cody DiCavalcante. I am a just-turned 22 year old looking for his void of existance in this place we call earth. If you don’t know my name, you can just stop reading right now, just kidding. I’ve seen a lot on this planet. I’ve thought about things that haven’t been seen on this planet. Maybe others have witnessed them but thats neither here nor there. I am going to be giving you a little breakdown of my life over the past few weeks. A summer’s lullaby on a constant turning reel of numbers and computer code known as the internet. Let’s begin.

     Lets start with my living arrangement. Get the best part out of the way. We all love housing specials and information on how people sleep at night. Well I live on the crossstreets of Hayden and Indian School Rd. My sister is my roommate and there is a pool right in front of our gaze from inside our apartment. I’ve always enjoyed this place but over the years its gotten kind of…destopiac. Take the other night for example. I was about 3/4 asleep and about to catch up to the hook to connect my dream spatualizer to my inner brain until my sister came through the door and made me trip, waking the eff up. “Cody? Don’t go outside!” she said in a hushed tone. She told me there was gunfire outside. She said she had been talking to two people outside about what had happened before running into the house. Apparently a few clicks down the meanderment? of the housing establishment we live in known as Sunscape Villas, there had been a backfire of what they thought were shotguns. My sister went into her room, half scared out of her skin when all of the sudden a cockroach, a mother, crawled with all off its legs into her closet. She screamed. I slept. It was a crazy night. Our apartment complex also seems to be a landing zone for cops to pull over people destined for DUI’s. One cop, two cop, three cop, FOUR! They always drive really shitty cars, the people that get the pulled over. There are three things you need to know about cars in scottsdale: They are always clean (not a speck of birdshit on those badboys), they have rims, and they are expensive. People love their cars here. Some cities show off their ableness to be friendly, others show off their extremely awesome farm equipment, Scottsdale shows of their cars. Pretty stupid huh? Yeah, I’d say so.

   I work for my mom. Her new company that has gone past the make it or break it point in business terms which is 2 years and I’m happy for her. Congratulations to you mom! The company is called Postal Strategies Corporation. Its a mail consolidation company that offers discounts to mailing consumers. I was the original driver. Feels good to be the first at something. I have been working that job on and off (Went to Tucson for school) since the beginning of 2008. The first day I did the mail route, I came to the mail dropoff with only 2 pieces of mail. It has grown quite enormously since then. I now come out each day with about 20 trays on average, which is about 7000 peices of mail. Not to mention the other 3 drivers that run their routes that same day who pool in another 20 or so trays. Thats about 14,000 pieces of mail that flow in each day. Never give up. We started with 2 pieces then became many. I work there 4 days a week. I now have wednesday’s off. I go through more gas than you can imagine but with the time crunch and amount of mail I pick up it only can be done by vehicle. Just to give you an idea, I am supposed to get an oil change every 3 months or after 3,000 miles whichever comes first. I got to the 3,000 mile mark within 3 weeks. That means I was driving 142 miles a day. The route is big but with growing customer gain comes a huge course to get to all of them. I do drive my own car for the route and doing so, that makes me a contract driver. A contract driver will make more money than someone who drives a company vehicle, seeing as how they are using their own gas.

    Let’s see what else? I’ve been trying to read a little bit this summer but with summer school in the morning and work right after, I really don’t have time except on the weekends. I’ve got a few books lended to me, a few bought for me, and a couple that I bought myself. I’ve only taken a stab at one or two. The one I’m reading right now is called “The Great War for Civilisation” which is a historical and sort of diary novel filled with all the stuff that has gone down in the Middle East over the past half-century. The Journalist who wrote the book, Robert Fisk, is one of the greatest Middle East correspondents out there. He has covered the area for over 30 years. Great book, can’t wait to delve deeper into that one. Always had a weird interest in the Middle East for some reason. I’ve always wanted to help that region somehow but I don’t know how that is yet.

  I mentioned earlier that I was in a summer class. I’m taking spanish 201 at Scottsdale Community College and enjoying it. I feel a lot better learning a language and just a language. Its kind of difficult with other classes added on top of that. Its in the morning and it isn’t easy to get up for. It starts at nine and I try to keep as many minute’s rest as I can before having to get up and shower, brush my teeth, and grab a water for the road. There are a lot of cool people in class which is good. If it were full of monotone, half-asleep kids, I’d probably feel bored and rediculous. I only have a week left of it. Once I graduate this summer course, I will feel that much better about my degree being healthy and full of bone marrow.

    I haven’t been writing at all this summer. This is the first thing I’ve probably written since summer started. Maybe a few poems and attempts at poems out of anger or sadness, that I soon deleted. Maybe a couple things on here, I can’t really remember. I’m hoping to come back to Kansas sometime before school starts up again. That would make me a happy man. I’ve been trying to save up as much money as I can in order for that to happen but if it doesn’t then I know I tried my best. I’m listening to dashboard confessional’s “Stolen” right now. Its kind of making me think about weird things which I don’t want to think about. Dashboard Confessional likes to play music that stems emotion and its 10:25 in the morning its not really what I want.  I’ve been getting closer to God. Talking with Him, thanking Him for all I have. Knudging in a little roadside talk for my dad who lives upstairs as well. 5 years later and I’m still recovering. He was my best friend, can’t really expect that sort of thing to just go away. The man was a walking, suburb-living, lawyer. That was only his disguise though. He was really a king.

   Anyways, I hope all of you have a lovely day. Expect some more blog entries from your favorite neighborly personality, Cody DiCavalcante. Farewell.


One thought on “My life in the summer

  1. Very nice. PSC actually collects approximately 25,000 pieces daily. But 14,000 is close.
    I do agree with your thoughts on your daddy. He was a great attorney, neighbor, friend, however more importantly he was the BEST daddy ever & yes, a King.
    I miss him every day too!

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