Things I’ve found humor in this summer

By: Cody DiCavalcante

1. People who throw water bottles into trashcans with lids that allow only a maximum clearence of about 5 inches.

2. Dog’s getting stuck in coolers

3. Return of the Pink Panther

4. Linda Hogan and her young fiancee

5. Xaphoon Jones–Xaphoon you crazy!

6. Thinking of people falling off bikes in my head while in quiet places

7. Hearing angry people say the “F” word on my voicemail

8. Watching some football player from KU run into a guy who looks like Kyle Dorsey

9. Random phone pictures from Mike Sapanoff

10. Seeing a picture of my mom acting like a monkey while packing her stuff for a move

11. Looking back on how I sprinted out of my house in just my boxers at 4 am because my sister knocked on my bedroom window

12. Asking my dog if she likes cephalapods

13. People who stare for a long time at nothing

14. Hearing my friend tell me when I was drunk that I tried going out of a fire escape

15. Talking to my friend about an idea about a remake of the Matrix only all the characters are drunkards

16. My friend telling me his friend threw up so hard he got a black eye

17. Thai Pot

18. Increasing my heart rate

19. The color indigo

20. Microwavable prosthetics

21. Die-hard Yankee fans

22. Whenever I hit my shin really hard on the edge of a table

23. Bitchy ice cream

24. Inconveniant convenient stores

25. The mannerisms of Harry Potter

26. Alex Trebec’s skittle obsession

27. Ebay

28. Floppy discs

29. The 13th of February

30. Stressed out cats

31. Beer that people drink that is far beyond flat

Thats all for now! I’ll be back for more!



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