Swords and salad

A Post By:  Cody DiCavalcante

I’m sitting in class. I look around a lot. Call it what you want. Some might say ADD or no attention span. I say, its an interest in other people. My professor is a small guy, at least he seems that way. I sit in the back and always get there five minutes late, so the lights are off for power points. If the lights were on and it didn’t seem like a llama dribbled on my right contact, maybe things would be different. He sounds like someone is constantly hugging his waist, very squeaky. If I focus wholly on the students, I can tell you, its an orchestra of bro’s trying to get with their gender to the direct opposite of them and fondling with their hats. From behind, I imagine the people with their heads dangling to one side as being in a coma, that makes me laugh. This troubled young gentlemen in front of me looks lost. I think he’s in a fraternity. He’s looked at every part of his news feed on Facebook. Even running his cursor over the tiny thumbnails of friend’s his friends have made. He must have gotten tired because after that he just stared at his profile page for 10 minutes. I hate classrooms. I focus on people. I should be a people person. When I get out of this hell hole. I plan on ending the year with good marks and then doing what I’ve wanted to do ever since I first entered my last level of education I care to do, getting a real job. I still don’t know what I want to do but I think I have a very good idea of the realm I want to enter. I want to do something in entertainment. Whether that be on camera or off. I think being the guy who designs commercials would be a kick ass job or test driving lamborghini’s. You’re saying, “Get real man! You’re just an average asshole.” True but that doesn’t mean I can work my ass off and become what I know I’m capable of and not to mention doing what I love. I’m not going to sit back anymore and have some dude who’s eating nacho’s and sitting on the couch tell me what I should do with my life. People who don’t do what they want to do, are wasting their time. Sure, you could get a high-paying job and high-five some dude who works with you when you make a record sale. Yeah, you could drink diet coke’s and red bull’s to fill yourself up with the energy you could be using to explore the Mayan Ruins. I say, fuckin’ go for it. Life isn’t supposed to be an abiding “this” it’s just life and millions lose their lives each day which should make you understand, this is your life and you should live it the way you want to live it, damn it. Not too dangerously but at least living your dreams. I’m 23 years old and from this point on, I’m old enough to go with my own path. Many times I think we shouldn’t be asking “Is this the right thing to do?” we should be saying “Who says?” You’re dismissed.


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