Suh Gets His Stomp On

A Post By: Joey The Greek Today, Roger Goodell exercised his whiteness by suspending Ndamukong Suh for two whole games.  When I first heard this I thought it was a joke.  Roger Goodell is good at making decisions that look like jokes. Roger Goodell decided to prevent Suh from playing 2 whole games (despite the fact … Continue reading Suh Gets His Stomp On


Gov. Brownback Defends His Blowing

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to salute the hard working people who keep this government running like the well-oiled machine it is.  To the people who told us pizza is a vegetable, thank you.  To the people who refuse to allow bipartisanship despite the obvious benefits it would reap on … Continue reading Gov. Brownback Defends His Blowing

Opinion: Is Black Friday Worth Dying For?

A Post By: Michael Gallo Lately, it would seem the day after Thanksgiving is almost as big as Thanksgiving itself.  Known as "Black Friday" this day is an opportunity for amped up women to go to huge corporate stores at absolutely obscene hours.  In recent years, this shopping habit has also extended to men who … Continue reading Opinion: Is Black Friday Worth Dying For?


How To: Make The Perfect Turkey

This Thanksgiving, no one will be taking the time to evaluate what they're thankful for, or appreciating the short time they have with family.  No, instead they'll be critiquing the turkey, the most important part of every Thanksgiving celebration.  Nothing else comes close.  Wow, grandma had to hitch hike the last 54 miles to the … Continue reading How To: Make The Perfect Turkey


The Heinous Hiatus

A Post By: Michael Gallo Early Sunday morning I turned on my computer to check the schedule for NFL games and to track the progress of the human cannon that I ordered.  Ten minutes later, I had discovered that the human cannon was still sitting in a warehouse in Newark, NJ and I had a … Continue reading The Heinous Hiatus


Kids Send Their Artwork To The Barnyard Lampoon

This week the Barnyard Lampoon decided to accept more fan mail.  We've shown a few fan letters before but we decided to try something a little different this time.   We decided to feature any artwork that fans may have sent along with the letters.  Most of the artwork received was from children. The artwork we got … Continue reading Kids Send Their Artwork To The Barnyard Lampoon


Harvard Vs. Yale: Death by U Haul

A Post By: Michael Gallo This afternoon is America's most prestigious meeting of the minds. Barnyard Reader:   There's a GOP debate today? No, don't be stupid.  It's Harvard Vs. Yale meeting for the 128th football game between the two schools.  Harvard and Yale are easily two of most recognizable Ivy League schools in the American … Continue reading Harvard Vs. Yale: Death by U Haul