A list of things…

By: Samwell Rockhouse

This is just a way to release feelings and pretty much every random thing that slam dunks into my head…


A list of things I want to do with myself on the night of 11/1/11

  1. Rake a bunch of rocks into one consecutive swing
  2. Broaden my horizons
  3. Check out the stocks, shave then check out the stocks again
  4. Bring a petting zoo animal into the bathroom with me
  5. Steal an escalade on accident
  6. Bury the hatchet and buy another round of beers
  7. Kiss my log cabin and say it was good to me even though it wasn’t
  8. Trace a mountain by actually putting tracing paper down on an actual mountain
  9. Yell for someone at work then say nevermind
  10. Pronounce a really hard name
  11. Dig a hole then throw something into it
  12. Eat another round of cake
  13. Create an energy drink called Beaver Beauty
  14. Go to dinner with breakfast types
  15. Cry red tears
  16. See how many bricks I can eat
  17. Put dirt in my jean pockets for tomorrow
  18. Give my wallet to someone then say I now pronounce you man and wife
  19. See an Incubus concert
  20. Change my social security number to “jake”
  21. Dab a lot of pizza with paper towels
  22. Drive with white rubber gloves
  23. Turn my doorknob into a globe
  24. Wax my car
  25. Drink a targarita
  26. Sit next to a grumpy old man who is actually an old woman
  27. Grow a grape tree
  28. Eat like 40 otter pops
  29. Calculate the gas mileage from Phoenix to Estonia
  30. Do my homework on tap

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