Game of Thrones: Bathroom Technology

A Post By: Craig Sean

Recently I took what I thought was going to be a regular trip to the bathroom, but instead I left and I couldn’t feel my feet. What happened in between changed my life. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to be connected to the world from anywhere, including the bathroom. I was doing my business, just like always when I got a text with a link to a website, and BOOM! I was surfin the web in the flipping bathroom. Next thing I know I had some old computer speakers plugged into my Ipod playing internet radio in the bathroom. Today I had a major break through that inspired this article. I brought my laptop in for my regular trip to the throne.

I plugged it into my speakers and turned on a TV show. I took a seat and my mind was blown. Here I was watching Netflix in the bathroom. I know some people joke about visiting the throne but, for real, my toilet is a legitimate throne now. What more could I ask for? Maybe some food, but that can cause some sanitation problems. I had access to the world with my phone, music with my Ipod, and now movies. After watching an episode and a half of a TV my legs were mostly gone

and my feet were completely numb. That’s one thing that should be taken care of. One would think with all the advances in technology, it would be pretty standard to have comfortable, but still sanitary, toilet seats. Still, for the most part, our seats remain a hard plastic. Lets get this fixed. My throne visits started at a couple minutes, now they have ventured as long as a half an hour, with a newly designed seat that would allow blood to flow to one’s legs, who knows how long I would be in there.


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