Free Ballin: When All Else Fails, Get Naked

A Post By: Craig Sean
This past weekend the college sports world lost a brave, honorable man.  Who knows how many more victories this man could have led his team to.  This guy knew his stuff.  It wasn’t just the fact that he had been around the block a few times, but he operated with a level of dignity that was typically unheard of in his particular sport.
No, Joe Pa, I’m not talking about you.  I’m talking about Leonard Tyrell Young, a basketball player for Fresno Pacific University.  After getting kicked off the team, Young went fucking ballistic.  And then got naked.

Here are the facts: Leonard Tyrell Young was taken to jail on charges that include: suspicion of carjacking, resisting arrest, vandalism, harming a police dog (where you at PETA ?), and being under the influence of a controlled substance. The shocking part is he’s no longer welcome on the Fresno Pacific Basketball team, and that was before any of these crimes. The press release says Young ran naked through a convenience store parking lot, tried to steal a police car, fought a cop and a police dog, and was tasered 3 times before being subdued.

Note: I was not there to witness this situation but I will assume my story is close to the real situation.

Leonard Tyrell Young has some serious issues. I’ll throw some opinion in here and say he is one crazy, tough, and stupid dude.Young was released from the basketball team for reasons unknown. He likely got a little angry, took some kind of illegal substance and then decided he was going to create an awesomely true story he can tell his friends, and kids (fingers crossed he doesn’t have any). He found a gas station and let his emotions out. In order to really let his emotions out he had to strip down naked. At this point he started running around in the buff. While running he found the police, or maybe the police found him. He then realized he was late to class. Since the police had brought a car he was going to borrow their whip so he wouldn’t be late to class. The police didn’t want him to borrow their whip, after all, it is their whip. The police probably told him something along the lines of “no, you cannot use our ride.” Young the responded with “come at me bruh.” The police came at him with their dog, but, in his chemically altered state of mind, Young handled both. The police then unholstered the taser and released 50,000 volts into Young… 3 times. Most people say “Wow! 50,000 volts! 3 times!” but most of us have not been in the state of mind he was in with these volts going into your body, so is it really that impressive? Anyways, the third time was the charm. Yong was then “subdued” aka down for the count.

I think we could all learn something from Young.  To never give up.  To fight to the bitter end.  And to push through those first two taserings.  The next time someone says, “hey, we don’t want you here” Think: What would Young do? And the answer is to fight until the cops bring in the K-9 unit.


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