RoboCop Vs. Occupy Wall Street

A Post By: Michael Gallo

The shit has officially hit the fan.

A couple of days ago, police were given the go ahead to use aggressive force on the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  And for only the second or third time in history the police were pitted against a bunch of hippies.

Seattle police were forced to eliminate the two biggest threats in the crowd. An 84 year old woman and a priest.

This is clearly an example of the government working with police forces to eradicate what they consider to be a threat.  Just earlier this week, multiple police forces from multiple states all participated in a large scale meeting that apparently detailed the procedures they were to follow when eliminating OWS crowds.  To me, that says there is a bigger power at work, overseeing the police forces.  People are crying foul on the government but I say whoa to you brothers.  You’re not being realistic.  This is bigger than just the United States Government.  What we have here…is a threat to humanity.  I have a few theories on the matter:

1.  RoboCop.  Have you seen his movies?  He doesn’t handle “peaceful protests”.  RoboCop comes in and eliminates the threat.  RoboCop doesn’t leave bodies, he leaves puddles and piles.  OWS protester? Mow him down.  Old lady?  Mow her down! Zuccotti Park?  Killing fields.

People are bitching about the police right now, but let’s thank God RoboCop isn’t coming in here.  Pepper spray is one thing, getting sprayed by blood from the person next to you…a little too intense for me.

Mike he’s not real. Oh yeah? Detroit wanted to erect a statue of him. Still think he isn’t real? Who else would erect a statue glorifying a fictional character? Oh, Philly did? Well…whatever.

2.  Skynet.  When the machines eventually rise up and carry out a nuclear holocaust against the humans, Skynet will be leading the charge.  In the meantime, they have figured out how to hack into the Facebook events section and figure out where the Occupy movements are.  From there, they send in a Terminator to destroy them all.

There is only one man who can save us.  John Connor.  And as he should.  John Connor  just wants a job and for Skynet officials and bankers to take responsibility for their actions, that’s all.

John Connor is the 99%

3. This is all Facebook’s fault.  You can’t escape The Facebook.  I see right through your bullshit, Facebook.  When you were busy tapping into the American Government’s computer systems, you put mass amounts of pornographic images into the newsfeeds of thousands of innocent people to distract them.  All the while, getting source codes and overriding the systems that keep us safe.

Police Chief: Should we really attack?

Facebook: Do as the Facebook says…if you wish to live.

If OWS wishes to continue, and Americans want to live…a hero must rise.


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