Kids Send Their Artwork To The Barnyard Lampoon

This week the Barnyard Lampoon decided to accept more fan mail.  We’ve shown a few fan letters before but we decided to try something a little different this time.   We decided to feature any artwork that fans may have sent along with the letters.  Most of the artwork received was from children. The artwork we got from a 56 year old man will never be featured on this site, and was actually deleted a second after we opened it…that sick fuck.

Letter 1:

From: Timmy Jenkins, East Dublin, Georgia

Dear Barnyard Lampoon,

You guys are so dumb.  All your shits stupid.  My dad says if anyone reads your stuff they get more dumb than they are already are.  Which is bad cause my family aint to smart.  My dad red your stuff and says you make fun of red necks a lot.  Guess what? We like being red necks. I love huntin and fishin and muddin and snorking.  Bet you haven’t heard of snorkin.  I aint gonna tell you either.  My dad says if he ever sees you guys when hes hunting hes gonna shoot an arrow right through your head. You dumb idiots.

Dear Timmy,

Really nice piece, thank you for sharing.  I’m particulary fond of the blood shooting from the exit wound. Thank you.

The BL

Letter 2:

From: Nick Callison, Jefferson City, Missouri

Dear Barnyard Lampoon

Thank you for looking at my art im so happy that you looked at it because no one looks at it bcause no one thinks that i can draw good but i tell them that i can draw good but mom never listens to me cause she works all the time and my dad is really sleepy and he drinks soda all day and he gets really tired from it and he cant sit up sometimes and yesterday he drove into a tree in front of our house. hahaha our tree is gone and we dont have a car anymore!

Dear Nick,

I think you may want to look into some medicine for what grown ups call “ADHD”.  And thanks for sharing about your dad. Sounds like a fun guy.  Or the coach for the Missouri Tigers football team.

The BL

Letter 3:

From: Lindsey Kuller, New York, NY

Dear Barnyard Lampoon

In class on friday we were supposed to draw a picture of mommy and daddy. I drew a question mark because ive never met my parents.

Dear Lindsey,

Wow. Uh. Shit. You should…I don’t know…

The BL

Letter 4:

From: Becca Lundist, Detroit, Michigan

Dear Barnyard Lampoon,

On friday, my teacher said draw what you want for christmas. I drew mommy because I want her for christmas. Right now she’s in prison.  Daddy says shes a hore and loves other guys for money.  I think she gets out soon. Hopefully santa knows I want her to get out.

Dear Becca,

I’m crying right now.  You decide why.

The BL

Another failed fan experiment with the Barnyard Lampoon.  As always, we’re accepted all forms of letters, messages, artwork, pictures, videos, death threats, land deeds, pink slips, and insurance information at


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