Suh Gets His Stomp On

A Post By: Joey The Greek

Today, Roger Goodell exercised his whiteness by suspending Ndamukong Suh for two whole games.  When I first heard this I thought it was a joke.  Roger Goodell is good at making decisions that look like jokes.

Roger Goodell decided to prevent Suh from playing 2 whole games (despite the fact that the Lions are well into their season’s second half) because he stomped on the arm of a Green Bay player.

Stomped on a players arm…and!? That’s it?  You’re literally suspending a guy for 2 football games because he reacted violently to a bullshit call? Roger, look at the game you “commission”.   It’s football, it’s naturally violent.  It’s unbelievable that Suh is getting suspended for such a bullshit call.

Roger:  Yeah, just go full speed down the entire length of the field and collide with this dude until he can’t remember his own child’s name but you BETTER NOT step on someone after a ref goes overboard.

Who’s to say he was even stomping maliciously?  He could have been stomping for a very good reason.  Check out Suh stomping just days earlier:

See how fun and good-natured that is?  Suh was just looking out for the betterment of those around him.

Because only SUH can prevent forest fires.

Roger, look at the league you run.  Not only is the sport intrinsically violent, but it’s FULL of thugs and people that spend weekends getting shot up in strip clubs.

If you think Suh stomping a fat guy’s arm is the worst thing that happened that day in the NFL then you are drastically overestimating the good behavior of your players.  Look at Ray Lewis, that asshole witnessed a murder and not only did he not get more than a slap on the wrist, but he’s STILL playing! Murder!

But yeah…make sure Suh sits out a couple of games.  In fact, he should spend those Sundays in anger management classes.  That way he can work on stopping the behavior that he’s payed millions to embrace.

Therapist:  Suh…granted you get paid to essentially hurt people…but tell me how you REALLY feel.

This isn’t about an anger problem, this isn’t even about Suh being a dirty player (but seriously, shut the fuck up about that, this isn’t gentlemen’s tennis).  This is about Suh going all out.  Aw, I’m sorry, are you upset Suh hits hard? Are you upset Suh threw a quarterback by the god damn head?  Good, because while you’re upset about it, Suh is gonna crush offenses and make millions.

The NFL needs Suh and vice versa.  The real men in the NFL are getting old and leaving.  What we’re left with are idiots like Steve Johnson, and mundane white guys like Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers, while he may never “stomp” anyone, or empty a clip in a strip club, also won’t bring excitement to a game like Suh.

Besides what else is Suh gonna do?  I guess since he’s good a stomping he could make a musical career out of it…


Suh isn’t a dirty player. He just gets caught more often then other guys in the league. So call him dirty, say he deserved a longer suspension, but face facts.

Suh is damn good at football.  And he’s the shit.


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