What I’ll Miss About Jorge Posada

A Post By: Michael Gallo

Earlier today, in a press conference I told myself I wouldn’t cry during, catcher Jorge Posada retired from the New York Yankees.  The second of the Core Four to retire.  I found myself wearing a deep depression like a sad snuggie.  Why was I so sad?  Because Jorge Posada has given me 17 years of memories.  Really let this sink in.  Jorge started playing when I was 6 years old.  The next year I watched my first ever Yankees game on my grandfather’s TV in Rome, NY.  Everything about the Yankees intrigued me.   Everyone on the team seemed to have a calm demeanor about them.  A class that you don’t find on shitty teams from boston.  Jorge Posada embodied this class and calm demeanor.  In the first game I ever saw at Yankee Stadium at the age of 9, Jorge Posada hit a grand slam.  I stood most of the game, clutching my French’s Mustard Yankee Cooler (I got it for being one of the first 20,000 through the door, I still have it).  In the sixth inning Jorge Posada connected with a pitch and drove it deep down the right field line.  The stadium was dead quiet as the ball flew through the air.  You could hear a pin drop. From the third deck on the third base side, I (and the rest of the stadium) heard the ball ricochet off the foul pool.  Grand slam. The stadium got so loud I thought I felt the floor move.  I cried.  No exaggeration, tears rolled down my face.  I was in love with the Yankees.

Here are some things I’ll miss about Jorge Posada:

-When Jorge Posada screwed up, or disagreed with a call he got, he would screw up his face in a funny way that makes it look like he can’t do math.  There’s a politically incorrect way to describe the look but he would hold it for a second two and then shake his head as he headed back to the dug out.  Now, I’m not claiming he’s stupid.  Granted, I’ve never spoken to him, but let’s put it this way…because of all the calls they have to make, a dipshit can’t catch a major league baseball game.  Oh, wait…

-In the 16 years I really watched Jorge Posada, there was no shortage of awesome, clutch moments.  For a while, when he was in his prime, Jorge Posada was clutch as shit.  If the bases were loaded with 2 outs or men in scoring position and Jorge came up to bat, it was a pretty good bet that he was going to drive at least one of them in.  I used to love watching him go off on the red sox.  I’ve seen him hit 3 grand slams, and hit a handful of home runs over the green monster.  While he was obviously declining in the past few years, I have fond memories of him tearing it up in the 2000 Subway series.  His home runs were…dare I say, majestic?

-Even though I love him, let’s be honest, he’s sort of weird looking.  It seemed like the jokes about his looks were never ending.  People commenting on his ears, his nose, and especially the shape of his head.  In fact, I heard a lot of jokes about the odd shape of his head.  And then his son was born with a skull too small for his brain…

then the jokes stopped.

-Some probably think, ‘with that mug he probably married some dog from Queens’.  NOPE!

He gives hope to all men.

-Being on the New York Yankees, Jorge Posada was constantly surrounded by super stars and people that loved the limelight.  Jorge Posada, to my knowledge, wasn’t really like that.  He was more laid back.  Him and Derek Jeter just shut their mouths and won championships.  And that’s how I like it.  I love thinking about Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter hanging out off the field.

-The Hip Hip, JORGE chant!  Yankees fans did this EVERY time he came up to bat.  And it was always the loudest most obnoxious New Yorker leading the chant.  And I loved it.

At the end of the day, Jorge Posada is the shit.  He was the catcher for the Yankees for over a decade and has one for the thumb (five rings, for those of you not in the know).

I’m actually having a hard time putting this into words.  Jorge Posada wasn’t the best baseball player.  He wasn’t even the best catcher.  But he was a warrior.  He was a quiet guy that got it done.  He was clutch and could hit home runs from both sides of the plate.  He has more hardware than Home Depot.  He has a hot wife.  He avoided going to another team and remains a career Yankee, AKA a hero in New York.  So all in all…it’s safe to say:


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