I’m not dead but I just look like it

Recently, I’ve been very idle. Idle in most parts. Idle in loose and tight parts, idle in fundamental parts. I’ve been so idle in terms of everything except one thing, school. I’ve been shuffling out a lot of mental power in that department. I’m reading the books, underlining the important stuff, yelling for a break, kicking my desk and everyday thinking about getting life insurance from the one thing that might kill me, my five classes. I’m almost done though and I’m pretty happy about that. That’s the ticket folks—blood, sweat (mostly from anxiety) and tears (mostly from watching sad movies in black spaces).

I’m paving a new road and hopefully I can get in some time to do the stuff I want to do. I’ve been thinking that since I’m almost done with school I should probably start thinking about what I should do afterwards. Maybe build a bank, maybe rob a bank, and possibly eat a bank? I hear about banks a lot nowadays and I’m usually walking into one to pay bills or figure out why I don’t have money. Their expressions indicate that I’m abusive with my dollars and use them in the most up-town, New York living, champagne dippin’ kind of way.  I spend money like yacht boys looking for their last bit of marlin before the country club party at ten. I’m moving at a rate of six percent and I think Darwin left a message on my answering machine about possibly scheduling a visit to talk about my survival.

Nonetheless, I’m moving and that’s enough for me. I’ve been physically avoiding exercise for several months although I know it could be a great way to alleviate some of the stress and saving some of my desk ware from extinction. I haven’t really been hanging out with anyone for the past couple months as well which has made me resort to making conversation with walls and lamps and applying permanent marker faces to soften the blow of my pathetic agenda. Seriously though, I’ve been pretty isolated and it’s beginning to really piss me off, so stay out of my way, or you’ll pay, listen to what I say, as Shooter MacGavin would…say. I haven’t written for this blog in a long time. I am trying to use another way of saying several because there are many things that I haven’t done in a while where the word ”several” could be applied. I’ve been using my friend Greg’s Netflix account a lot. Oh, and the other day we were both on at the same time and it said it couldn’t play my movie/show/cat dance/internally pleasing visual because it was being occupied by too many devices. Too many devices my ass, Internet. My car is about to die.

I sometimes wonder when I wake up if I’ll have to bury my car in soft, dewy soil but it has been   good to me so it still putters on. Spring break is close. Its shorter than a yardstick. Thanks a lot ASU. By the time I finish my Mai Tai I’ll be instructed to read pages 50-90 of Shakespeare’s last stand.  My sink kind of looks like art right now, I mean, if you think toothpaste and dried up contact solution is art then yeah my sink will please your ripening eyes. I don’t really know where I’m going with this post but I knew it had been en route of eternity since I had written anything. Hopefully all of you are still happy and have a healthy resting heart rate. As for me, I’ll be wandering the streets still learning to parallel park. Might want to park your cars in the garage.


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