1 am post

By: Cody DiCavalcante



It’s really late in the evening, in fact, its morning. I have to be up in 5 hours for class but I really don’t care right now. I spent all day reading and now I finally find the time to relax. Hell yeah! Open up the cat nip and spread the pepperoni all over the carpet, it’s time to give New Jersey a migraine! Anyways, I’ve recently been reading a book for class on the Atlantic slave trade and I have to say it’s extremely fucked up. You have the British and the French teaming up and making a route out of the Iberian port. You have Spain and Portugal, both hell-bent on textiles and gold, trying to take over as much of the eastern African coast as I can stand. I mean, get a fucking real job you quacks! They have dates of when African’s were shipped most frequently but when you really get into the nitty-gritty of the book you figure out that it’s been going on for fucking-ever.

British guy: Ah yeah, you want to do something fun today?                           

British guy 2: Yeah but I’m sick of stealing Parliamentary wigs!

British guy 1: How about we take some Africans and use them for labor?

British guy 2: That sounds brilliant! I’ll start up the boat!

Random French guy: Hey, I may not like you guys and I like art so much that I married a self-portrait, but can I come too?

British guys: SURE!

I spent pretty much all day learning about this and I’m pretty tired now. I went from Angola to Brazil to Santa Domingue, all the way back to Mauritania, even witnessed some Ottoman Turks get pissed off and take some of the trade from the other ruling powers.  I guess turning Constantinople into Istanbul wasn’t enough. Not only did they eat the last of the Christian tortilla chips but they decided to steal some of the African’s guac as well. I don’t know. It just doesn’t make sense. I mean we’re all people. We have the same cellular structure, same skeletal composition; we all speak from our vocal cords. What the fuck is everyone so crazy about? Saying, we aren’t the same. It is the shallowest way of looking at something I’ve ever witnessed. You take a perfectly good human being and cut them out of the picture just because their skin is a different color? It’s insane in the membrane. We all need to get along. After reading this, I took a drive in my car. I was really depressed, feeling really pissed off, Bon Iver was playing and I just didn’t know how to respond to anything that was going on around me. It was a perfectly beautiful, sunny, cheerful day outside but reading the history of this transcontinental trade movement made me feel like shit.  I had to stop reading it even though I had another 100-120 pages to go and a 4 page report due by the next day. The book is littered with post it notes so I’ll be fine and the teacher is pretty lenient on the due date, I’m not too worried. Anyways, the truth is, life is hard. It gets really fucking hard and the last thing we all need as a big, large world is hatred and social hierarchies. It exists even between same race people, a societal thing—a fucking evil thing. It’s all so ugly. You hear about people judging this person for the amount of freckles on their face or how old-looking their shoes are. When did this become normal? In high school, I did this and I probably still do it sometimes unconsciously but it’s stupid and irrelevant. Making fun or putting control over somebody is a damn disgrace. I guess what I’m trying to say is, life is short and a good majority of people are too, don’t give them a hard time. Don’t give anybody a hard time. We all have battles; we all are trying to get through this life that externally shoots obstacles at us, sometimes small, sometimes big. Sometimes they are even multiple little gifts with tiny turds inside marked “deal with it” in small print as if we aren’t supposed to read it. So, just remember underneath our beautiful, perfect skin, we’re all the same. We share the same planet, the same cities, the same buildings. Let’s move up in love…or else Zeus will forever ban you from bars and other drinking establishments. Trust me, he did it to me for stealing his tic-tacs. Guy has had many lovers. You expect him to walk around with a breath smelling like a crab’s asshole? I didn’t think so. Peace.




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