They Call me Vader

By: Cody DiCavalcante It all started at the Death Star. I was financing another miracle in space while my young Skywalker tried to end my life. I was trying to create a universal fund for creating a baseball field in blackhole Moe, an interspatial sport that all could enjoy. Blackhole Moe is the meanest blackhole … Continue reading They Call me Vader


Borrowing vowels never leads to charisma

By: Cody DiCavalcante You ever wanted to get out of your current situation? Just escape to somewhere and see what happens? Most of you, who I know through Facebook, are either holding down a job or continuing through grad school or maybe just not doing much. I don’t really care. What I do care about … Continue reading Borrowing vowels never leads to charisma

Breaking News: A She Beast Dunked Last Night

A Post By: Craig Sean It's march! The month of crazy college hoops.  This year seems to be especially crazy with all the upsets AND something I learned today. I stepped out of my comfort zone and watched some women’s college hoops. Baylor was on TV so I tuned in for a bit. They have … Continue reading Breaking News: A She Beast Dunked Last Night


Entitledus Rudeus: NYC Discovers A New Frog Species

A Post By: Michael Gallo Last week, a new species of frog was discovered to be living in NYC, right under the noses of about 10 million people. Even more surprising than this is the fact that scientists are actually surprise no one "noticed" this new species of frog. Dr. Frog Scientist, have you ever … Continue reading Entitledus Rudeus: NYC Discovers A New Frog Species


Caution: Mizzou Choking Hazard

Missouri, that slavery loving shit state that took the money and ran, choked hard today. Mizzou Fan:  Yeah, but what about Bucknell and Bradley? This is worse.  Have fun in the SEC and enjoy my photo gallery.   If a shit team blocks your road to the next round, place both hands on neck and … Continue reading Caution: Mizzou Choking Hazard


Tide Detergent: The New Heroin

A Post By: Michael Gallo Do you wash your clothing with Tide laundry detergent?  Because if you do, stop it.  Apparently, you can sell that shit on the streets for half the store price, OR you can swap it for actual street drugs.  You read that correctly, hand a drug dealer a bottle of Tide … Continue reading Tide Detergent: The New Heroin


The happy (belated) birthday: Craig Sean Special

By: Cody DiCavalcante Guess what bloggers??? Or should I call you blogging viewers?? Whatever you want to be called I’ll call you it but first let me tell you something very important and beneficial to the Barnyard Lampoon, its Craig Sean’s birthday! Well, it’s actually a day after his birthday but there are reasons to … Continue reading The happy (belated) birthday: Craig Sean Special