Craig Sean Gets His Rodeo On

A Post By: Craig Sean

Last week, I went to the Houston rodeo, and although I don’t fall under the category of “country folk” I had an awesome time. There were different parts of the rodeo including: a convention, food, a carnival, an actually rodeo, and a concert. The rodeo goes on for a couple weeks and I’m pretty sure its packed everyday. I got to eat cookie dough, nutter butters, twinkies, onions, and hot dogs. This sounds relatively normal minus eating a raw onion which brings me to the point…It was ALL covered in batter and deep fried. HOLY HEART ATTACK. Texans love to deep fry anything and everything then sprinkle a ton of powdered sugar on top and call it delicious. My ratings for the food go as follows:
fried cookie dough- fucking awesome
corn dog- awesome
nutter butter- alright
onion blossom- not alright

Now the convention part of the rodeo was…interesting. It was pretty much what I expected with the trucks, hats, boots and other country things to buy. Just as I was starting to get disappointed I came across the “birthing center”… holy pregnancy! There were a line of stalls with cows, sheep, and pigs inside all about ready to burst out a baby or just did. The baby animals were cute, but the pregnant animals were…bursting. One cow had kindly turned its back to the crowd to show what was going on, something was definitely going on. I’ll stop there, but people were surrounding the thing trying to see over other people’s shoulders waiting for this cow to fall out. I figured I should give someone else my spot and check out the next event.

I entered the stadium (reliant stadium where the Houston Texans play). The place is huge, I think it seats 80,000 people. I got in just in time to catch the rodeo part of the show. I knew i was going to enjoy the rodeo when the announcer decieded to hold a contest to see which one of the bullriders got hurt the worst. Turns out one guy broke a rib…I was impressed until another guy decided to 1 up him, or 4 up him, by breaking 5 ribs…I was sold. Then 3 wagons came out of the tunnel and raced around the track. These guys were going entirely too fast and I think i missed the majority because i was crying laughing at the thought of these wagons flipping


Speaking of laughing, have you heard of mutton busting??

 Not sure why it hasn’t caught on big in the country. For the die hards, who say “these kids are wearing full safety gear and dont get hurt” tell me this kid remembers how much fun he had that day…or his name.


I could go on for days about the different things they do at the actual rodeo, but for now i’ll just encourage you to check one out for yourself (never thought I would say that).

Now to the concert. I’m pretty sure every night at the houston rodeo a concert closes down the show. I figured it would be a small concert featuring a local country band. I was wrong. It was an A list performer who kept a sold out Reliant Stadium in their seats. The A list performer was none other than….Enrique Eglesias. I’m no die hard Enrique fan, but I won’t lie, he put on a good show. I appreciate entertainers who appreciate their fans and put on a show, not just sit there, on stage and sing songs. For my haters who call me “not straight” for enjoying an Enrique show, thats fine. I admire the guy…he calls this lovely lady his girlfriend


Although I’m not sure what shes up to there. But I admire a man who can pull that off.

So the rodeo was an experience. That’s really the best way I can describe it.

Unlike this guy… I can quote Jay-Z, saying  “I came, I saw, I conquered.”


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