Breaking News: A She Beast Dunked Last Night

A Post By: Craig Sean

It’s march! The month of crazy college hoops.  This year seems to be especially crazy with all the upsets AND something I learned today.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and watched some women’s college hoops. Baylor was on TV so I tuned in for a bit. They have a 6 ft 8 freak on their team…well at least a freak for women’s bball.

The breaking news of the day wasn’t that they won or that my lady Jayhawks upset Delaware to advance to the sweet 16…the big news was that the female 6 ft 8 inch Baylor player dunked.  This was not a 360 jam or even a posterizing dunk… in reality she barely made it.  If I was that tall I would be making posters of people while doing 360s. She is the SECOND lady to do this not-so-amazing feat the the NCAA women’s tournament.  Not second person that game, or that year, but EVER.

THIS is why people don’t watch women’s sports, although they do have excellent form while going for layups and they all shoot the same. Most women I talk to about the sport agree with me. Hate me if you want. I respect women, but this is ridiculous.

More people in wheel chairs have dunked than all women combined.

In fact, after Yao Ming was confined to a wheel chair, he even dunked.

You know who else is 6ft 8? Julian wright…and he owned people.



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