A Bear Supremacy

By: Samwell Rockhouse

There’s something about a bear with unauthorized rights to walk the earth freely but still doing it anyways that gets my blood going! On June 24th of this year, a man had been attacked by a bear at the Ponderosa Campground in Payson, Arizona. The man was a Tempe resident, probably ready to camp and armed with two thirty packs he “bought” out of a local’s garage fridge.

There have also been two other reports of these bear attacks, one involving a woman and the other a man sleeping in his garage in a nearby subdivision. Could it have been the same man this Tempe resident retrieved his unpaid for booze from? Sleeping in a garage has been a traditionalist approach to home security since the 1200’s. Many inspiring people have done it through history. Let’s see, you have Donatello the sculptor, Johannes Gutenberg, Frederick III of Saxony, John Newton, Ignatius Sancho, among others. It was a time of no ADT, no Safeguard, no kind of technologically compliant security systems. Just the good natured, on-the-lookout people who went down in time as greats. Although, much has been speculated that these garage lodges were of need in times of trouble with the wives. For the man that was attacked by the bear, there could have been a Merger and Integration clause because when he was attacked by the bear, his self-security was tested. Many of these men were supposedly schnizophrenic because they constantly argued with themselves. He needed to bring the bear in for questioning, because there was no way he would and could defend himself against a 600 pound piece of fur product.

According to Jim Paxton, Chief of Information for Game and Fish, he has said, “We have several snares set, several bait sites, we’ve got two game wardens up there patrolling that area almost around the clock seven days a week. We’re still looking for the offending bear.” Many have referred to him as the bear without fur and a higher level of right and wrong but still a pretty intimidating bear.



Yes, the offending bear. The bad guy in the situation. As far as I can see, he has committed no offense, but done through his nature , a very beary sign of affection. Unfortunately, his claws had gotten in the way and people were brought to anger.

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