Craig Sean Takes A Dump (A Link Dump, That Is)

A Post By: Michael Gallo And Craig Sean As we rev the Barnyard Lampoon back up to full speed, we've been discussing ways to add variety to the site. One suggestion (Credit: Cody) was to add racial diversification. However, the absurd and derogatory term he used to describe a hypothetical Asian employee suggested that that might not … Continue reading Craig Sean Takes A Dump (A Link Dump, That Is)

Without Further Ado…We’re back

Sorry, for our absence. While I explain our prolonged break, I suggest listening to these hardcore rap songs, each one containing a "welcome back" theme.   In terms of our absence, know this: We don't owe anyone an explanation. But I'm a generous guy, so I'm going to give you one. An Ayatollah in Iran … Continue reading Without Further Ado…We’re back