Without Further Ado…We’re back

Sorry, for our absence. While I explain our prolonged break, I suggest listening to these hardcore rap songs, each one containing a “welcome back” theme.


In terms of our absence, know this: We don’t owe anyone an explanation.

But I’m a generous guy, so I’m going to give you one.

An Ayatollah in Iran (yes, THAT Ayatollah) released a Fatwa calling for the death of the entire Barnyard Lampoon staff. We have the video, and we will post it soon.

This all stems from a misguided article we wrote containing several products featuring the Almighty Prophet Mohammad’s image. Including:

-A wall clock: tick, tick, tick–Psych, you’re safe! It’s just the Almighty wall clock ticking away.

-Party plates, napkins, and banners: Happy birthday, now go into hiding

-A prophet-yourself iPhone App: This app lets you upload a photo and puts your face behind a beard and other features belonging to the Prophet.

So anyway, we wrote the article and released it to a close group of friends…who promptly turned it over to the Ayatollah. If I had a nickel every time that happened…

I made a tough decision. I shut down the Barnyard Lampoon. But I realized, just recently, that I was really waiting for things to calm down in the Middle East. And that, my friends, is never going to happen.

So all hail the King. I’m back.

We’re back.

You’re back?

She’s definitely back…

It’s back.


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