BL Sports: Mixed Up News

A Post By: Michael Gallo Can you believe this guy is gay?   No, seriously. He came out today. He's the first openly-gay active athlete that's playing a North American team sport. Which is an oddly unique title. Tim Tebow is the gay Jackie Robinson of our time. Does this mean we finally figured out … Continue reading BL Sports: Mixed Up News


Into Darkness: A Bathroom Attack

A Post By: Michael Gallo   It happened twice in one week. While I was sitting on the toilet, minding my own business and browsing Reddit, the lights went out. The bathroom in my office building doesn’t have windows (which, thinking back on it, must be some sort of fire hazard), which means when the … Continue reading Into Darkness: A Bathroom Attack

Return To Normalcy: A Letter To Humanity

My People, I haven’t written anything in a while. Not like previous Barnyard hiatuses where I’m gone for two months, but it was still a pretty significant amount of time. Sometimes, when I’m not writing for the Barnyard, I’m working on other writing projects, but not this time. This time was different. Last week my … Continue reading Return To Normalcy: A Letter To Humanity


A Report on North Korea

A Post By: Michael Gallo and John Doe, Senior Correspondent in North Korea John Doe will be assuming the title of Senior Correspondent in North Korea for the Barnyard Lampoon. Many of you, most likely fearing for his safety, are probably wondering how he crossed the border into North Korea. John Doe is posing as … Continue reading A Report on North Korea


The Barnyard Lampoon Remembers Roger Ebert

The legendary film critic Roger Ebert passed away this afternoon. That meme may seem like “low hanging fruit”, but the thumbs up/thumbs down grading system was the trademark of the Siskel and Ebert movie reviewing machine. And machine may be an understatement. WITH cancer, Ebert was able to write reviews for over 200 movies. And … Continue reading The Barnyard Lampoon Remembers Roger Ebert


BL Sports: Baseball Opening Day

A Post By: Michael Gallo Opening day. The first day of spring. An excuse to skip school, work, a child’s birth, legal obligations, court appearances, and parental duties. An opportunity to dust off the baseball mitt, and harvest that crop of peanuts you’ve been growing since last fall (they’re too expensive at the park, we … Continue reading BL Sports: Baseball Opening Day