BL Sports: Mixed Up News

A Post By: Michael Gallo

Can you believe this guy is gay?



No, seriously. He came out today. He’s the first openly-gay active athlete that’s playing a North American team sport. Which is an oddly unique title.

Tim Tebow is the gay Jackie Robinson of our time.

Does this mean we finally figured out his screwed up throwing mechanics?

BL Reader: I’m confused, was that a limp-wrist joke? Or cause gay people can’t throw? I’m lost…Michael Gallo is losing it.

It’s none of the above. Just look at this photo:




Rex Ryan said of the sexuality ordeal:

“I respect Tim Tebow and it’s unfortunate that we had to let him go.”

Wait, hold the phone. The Jets let Tim Tebow go after he announced he was gay? Isn’t that illegal? Where’s the ACLU?

Wait, who’s Jason Collins?



Oh shit.

Okay, so Jason Collins is the first North American Homosexual Team Sporter, and Tebow just got cut because he can’t play fucking football.

Yeah, sports.

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