The Most Shocking Photo You’ll See in a While

A Post By: Michael Gallo

Last night, a Toronto fan showed up to the Toronto Maple leafs vs. Boston Bruins game  with this sign:


People are going nuts. Fans of both teams are flipping a shit, commenting on how this fan may be the most ignorant person of all time. People are shocked. But I’m here to tell everyone that they’re missing the most shocking part of this picture. Behold:


I mean, seriously look at this guy:


There’s a lot going on with this guy. So let’s break it down:

-First, the obvious. It’s a black guy surrounded by white guys at a hockey game. That’s weird enough. But it’s even more strange because the game took place in CANADA! I didn’t even know black people lived up there. And you can’t say “African-American”, because he isn’t American.

-Next, you’ll probably notice the guy’s expression. He is EXTREMELY relaxed. Either he’s a casual fan, or he saves his energy for the game. But regardless of why, the man is on another planet. I am willing to bet he didn’t even notice the heinous sign held by the guy next to him.

-As your eyes keep wondering, you’ll notice his hair. He’s either wearing a wig, or that dude puts some serious time and effort into achieving the quintessential James Brown look. In fact, this guy looks like a combination of James Brown and Rick James. And CHARLIE MURPHY!

-What the fuck is he wearing on his head? At first I thought that was a normal stocking cap, but upon further examination I’ve determined it to be a cloth replica of a 1930s football helmet. That you can apparently buckle. Which makes no sense for a Canadian hockey fan.

But seriously. Look at this dude. Everyone is freaking out about the sign holder, but there’s A BLACK HOCKEY FAN IN CANADA! Canada has less diversity then the Aryan Race.

Kudos to this guy.

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