Andy Samberg Is Responsible for the Knockout Game

A Post By: Michael Gallo

Seven beers and watching someone get punched at Walmart just reminded me of an SNL digital short from a long, long time ago. In it, Andy Samberg (America’s favorite jew, behind Streisand) punches people who are just about to eat.

VIDEO – Punched Before Eating

Take away the fact that they’re about to eat, and the video looks amazingly like the Knockout Game. You may not even be able to tell the difference between this video and recent footage of young black hoodlums punching people for no reason. It doesn’t matter that the “knockout game” is an urban legend that’s been around forever, or that most of the videos have been connected to other crimes, or that there’s very little evidence to suggest that this is an epidemic. You should be panicking right now. And thanks to the Barnyard Lampoon, you know where the game started. Andy Samberg. That hooked-nose bastard.

Because the knockout game is pinned on young black kids, it’s easy to isolate the group that’s different than us, and finally find proof that they’re all worthless and good for nothing! In a way, we should all be thankful for the knockout game. Without it, we would have to rely on outdated prejudices towards black youths.

But color me surprised that this horrific display of aggression was started by Andy Samberg. He gave us DICK IN A BOX! Are you blind to the significance!? He sang sweet songs to us about having intercourse with mothers. But now, that image is tarnished. When the BL exposes him for starting this game, his run of fun will be over.

I’m positive this digital short started the knockout game, because it was almost impossible to find. Why? Because NBC knew that it had a PR disaster on its hands. I’m not sure where Andy Samberg got the idea for this game, but I hope he rots in hell.

I’m going to go punch the first white grandmother I see.

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