The Barnyard Lampoon Remembers Nelson Mandela

Tragedy struck today in the form of Nelson Mandela’s passing. Thousands are mourning the man responsible for so much joy, change, and freedom. Personally, I’ll always remember Nelson Mandela as Red, the loveable sidekick and companion to Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption. Mandela also had notable roles as God in a really awful Jim Carrey movie, himself in Invictus, and a desperate actor who would take any role in the flop of a disaster “Last Vegas”. When Mandela got on screen, he made you ask the tough questions like:


“Will death hurt?”

“Why are we here?”

And “can I just push this hernia back in?”

Now, with his untimely passing, we may never get the answers.

As I’m researching his incredible life, I’m noticing a remarkable similarity to Morgan Freeman.

Like, an eerie similarity. But not in a racial way. I am in no way suggesting that all black people look alike. That’s not a thing.

Nelson Mandela’s rich, silky voice also made him the gold standard for voice-overs. If you’ve watched a nature documentary in the last ten years, than Mandela probably narrated it. Take for instance, March of the Penguins.

March of the Penguins

It sounds like God himself talking about penguins. Which is probably why he was cast as God.

We’ll miss you Nelson Mandela.

God DAMMIT. I got them mixed up. But it’s NOT because they’re both black. Morgan Freeman is the actor; Nelson Mandela is the other guy. Okay, it’s all good guys Morgan Freeman is still alive. So who’s Nelson Mandela?

Brb, research.

Alright, apart from the apart tide, doesn’t look like this guy did much. 30 years in jail? Interesting, but I’m dismissing it. I’m still a little iffy on this Invictus thing (I know, I’m one of 30 people who saw it). Was he an actor, playing a guy, who was in Invictus? Is he a rugby coach or player?

Regardless, you’ll be missed. I’m not sure for what. But we will all miss it.


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