Dear Diary: Craig Sean Accepts Instability

A Post By: Craig Sean

Recently, most of my conversations with friends and family have gone something along the lines of them asking me how my job is, and me responding “I quit.” Most of these people assume I’ve lost my mind. I work for a company, at least for the next few days or so, that sounds desirable. I’m sure there are plenty of good jobs within the company, but my job is clearly a dead-end-but-stable. Instead of collecting a paycheck and doing the normal car payment, rent, groceries, repeat; I’ve decided to something potentially stupid, but it also has the potential to be the best decision of my life.

I’ve decided to quit my job. I’ve saved enough money to get by for maybe 168 days…or hours.

Let’s continue this conversation with my family/friends. It starts with:

Them: “how is work”

and I tell them-

Me: “I quit.”

At this point in the conversation, the assumption is that I have clearly lost my mind and they probably think I was actually fired, because why would I quit my fabulous job at this huge fabulous company. In reality it’s far from fabulous and the fact that it’s huge is cause for constant frustration with the whole corporate politics side of my employment. Then I think at least if I was fired I could get some severance pay and possibly some unemployment. Maybe I should sabotage something on Monday… I could send a ridiculous “reply all” email describing how I did something frowned upon, like how I lied on my résumé about being the dean of the film school I went to. This is clearly a lie, because it would have at least been functional if I ran it.

My friends/family have a hybrid look of concern and confusion.

"But honey, he's only 24"
“But honey, he’s only 24”

I can tell they’re wondering what my plan is. Then they throw out the question “what’s your plan?” I respond “I don’t know… I’m headed to southeast Asia for a few months.” Then they want to know what I’m going to do after. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do after…I’ll figure that out… after. I really just want to be unstable. I found the more stable I’ve been, since graduating, the more I’ve wanted to be unstable. So I’ve done the unstable. I quit my job with only a plan to go on vacation. I might fail, and I’m ok with that. Worst case ontario, I get a couple free nights in a Cambodian prison. Speaking of laws in Southeast Asian countries, I found out today DUIs in Myanmar (also known as Burma) will set you back 6 months in jail OR 500 Kyat. Lets hope for the 500 Kyat fine, which is equal to around 50 US cents.

Usually during this conversation, I have the urge to to yell out to everyone “I’m not crazy! I’m just unstable!”




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