Cody: Things That Would be a Pleasant Surprise

A Post By: Cody DiCavalcante

  1. Toilets that ejected a life size Gary Coleman when you flushed them
  2. General Robert E. Lee giving Johnny Carson a lifetime acceptance speech
  3. A sewer full of guilty men that you prosecuted
  4. Tap dancing cell membranes under a microscope
  5. L.A. shaking hands with New York
  6. Kids trick or treating in their bare feet
  7. The saddest man in the world at a casino
  8. An elevator that is fed twice a day, daily
  9. Sylvester Stallone at a peace talk between Iran and the US
  10. A gothic kid wearing sperrys
  11. A lamp that is mistaken for a sunrise
  12. An iron that can be used as a DVR remote for when you miss your shows while ironing your clothes
  13. All prescription drugs written out to you in a 6×9 envelope after spending three weeks in Seattle, Washington for a funeral
  14. Frankie Muniz karate chopping a sandwich in half after not seeing him in any movies for the past 10 years
  15. Subway employees giving you that baby you’ve been trying to have after four years of trying because you just ate whatever that was
  16. A receipt that tells you that the money you just spent is a lie and you actually just got that for free
  17. The whole cast of Mob Wives going to therapy
  18. A phone call that becomes a three-way call with the IRS
  19. A piece of sand in your eye
  20. Whiskers on your toddler’s face

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