Craig Sean Around The World: Heading to Bangkok

A Post By: Craig Sean

Right now I’m high, flying at 34,000 ft at 582 miles mph…. High as a kite. Spent some time in the city yesterday getting the necessary last minute supplies. Got some snacks for the plane, some spending cash, and other random things. (Just spent a few minutes reading over the last sentence… Can’t figure out if t makes sense… Like I said I’m high as a kite) can’t figure out a lot right now. I’ll just set the mood of what I’m experiencing right now.

I’m on a plane, where I’m the minority.

I feel welcomed, but out of place.

There’s a mom/possible grandma sitting next to me breast feeding babies (the mom is… haven’t seen the grandma yet)

The babies seem well behaved.

This airline seems to be really nice. We have:
Maps of where we are
Cup holders AND trays
Phone chargers

Ok, I can’t think. Here’s my situation. My friend got edibles. He got chex mix, and a gummy. I ate a bit of chex mix and 1/3 of a gummy bear (pharmacist recommendation) and I can’t think. I got dry mouth so I slammed a glass of wine, a little bottle of scotch, and my airplane lunch, which was my lunch, my friends lunch & my other friends lunch. I also had another lunch right before I got on the plane 2 hours ago. Heard dinner comes too, pretty pumped to rock another meal, right now.

I’ve got a case of the laughs. Can’t look around a lot because I’ll cry laughing at just about anything I see or hear so I’m wearing headphones. About those head phones… Just realized they’re not playing anything. My friend just said my name and I cried.

Back to lunch. I was given the menu by listening to the stewardess. She said “chicken, beef, of bimbipmap (not sure about that spelling , but I thought it was funny). I ordered the Korean stuff. She gave me the tray and apparently she thought I looked confused. She gave me directions how to eat it. It required a toothpaste tube of chilli paste and a bunch of other stuff. It was good stuff. My friends meals weren’t great.

Writing this is really hard. I feel really smart for getting this far. I should go now. A lady just tried to open the door to the bathroom… It was actually a cabinet… I’m crying.

Shit, I’m going to fly over Alaska!

Don’t know about this post. Don’t think I’ve ever been that high. Still feeling it now but I’m composed. Sending this from South Korea.



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