Craig Sean Around the World: Life Decisions and Ass Tacos

I’ve been staying in a hostel dorm in Saigon for a few nights. Yesterday, a pair of Aussie bros checked into our dorm. We went out drinking with them and left them at the bar around 2am. I was going to sleep around 3 when one the them barges into the room and starts talking about how he needs $50 to get a tattoo. He finds 100. I asked what’s the tattoo and he screams tacos! Woke him and his friend up this morning because we had a tour planned with them. They’re asses were out and they both had matching color tattoos of tacos on their cheeks. When I woke one up I told him he had a taco on his ass, and he responded with “yeah, that happened, didn’t it?”


Craig Sean

not actual Aussie Bro tattoo, but similar

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