The Only Things More Corrupt Than FIFA

A Post By: Michael Gallo

Everyone knows FIFA is as corrupt as it gets. But that’s low-hanging fruit, there are tons of organizations that are more corrupt. This will be easy – organizations that are more corrupt than FIFA:

-The NSA

I just got put on a black list.

-The Thai police force

It costs 20 American dollars to get the paper work you need to fill out to pay the fee to cross the border.

“You touched my shield, that’s 20 dollars.”

-The Chinese Government

Black list #2

-The Illuminati

Actually, we don’t even know if they’re real. JK, DIMONDS, COSMO, Illmatic, The 33rd Rise Again.

-The Yakuza



I’m struggling, I thought this would be easier….

-The Obama Administration

Actually, the administration is pretty straight forward and transparent. Drone killings, overreaching surveillance. I’d gladly trade that for awesome, free healthcare.

-OJ Simpson’s legal proceedings

I mean come on, the glove didn’t even fit.

-The Soviet Union

-North Korea/Best Korea

This one gives FIFA a real run for its money. Which could be dangerous…don’t get between FIFA and its money.

The Boyscouts of America

-Iranian murder squads


Intimidation, bribery, market domination…Monsanto is a business after FIFA’s heart.

-Organized Crime. Nothing specific, just all of it.

-The Legion of Doom

Still less evil than FIFA

-The NFL Center For Concussion and Head Injury Research

-That weird Italian looking dude that Rocky and Bullwinkle tangle with

Wait, none of these organizations killed large numbers of migrant workers, and made bribery their business. Damn…FIFA may be one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.

“I agree, Qatar will be great.”

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