Reasons You Might Enter a Courtroom Unannounced

A Post By: Cody DiCavalcante
Everyone knows why you would have a scheduled appearance in court. But why would you show up to a court room unannounced? Here are a few reasons:
-It stinks in the hall from too much crop dusting.
-You wanted to see a judge’s reaction to an untouched, perfectly modulated glass of shrimp cocktail.
“What now, your honor?”
-You thought it would get rid of your migraines.
-Your water got shut off.
-You were thrown out of a club by a bouncer who used to shot put famous midgets and happened to land in the courtroom.
-It’s election day and you want someone to celebrate with.
-A Charles Dickens novel is destroying the city and you need to send a warning.
-You were eligible for a 5-day all-inclusive stay in contempt.
-You backed into, and totaled a car that had a license plate reading “jdmtday”.
“Jade Mount Day? Jade…Meet Day…?”
-You are eternally bound to jury duty.
-You didn’t know that you turn yourself in at the police station.
-You heard there was an arraignment going on and you thought it was just a new type of pie.
-A brown Neapolitan mastiff attacks a man that saw shot his owner on the pier and you happen to be Tom Hanks.
-The court typist, your wife, hasn’t come home for weeks.
-You reserved the spot months prior to any civic duties.
-You were called in as a witness, then discontinued as a witness, and came in because you thought there was a refund policy.
“Sir, do you have a RECEIPT?!”
-You’re afraid of courts so you decided to face the fear head on.

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