MTA to Riders: Stop the Manspread

A Post By: Michael Gallo

The MTA recently launched an advertising campaign focused on convincing men not to keep their legs apart while sitting on subways. This concerted effort makes a lot less sense when you find out it cost taxpayers $76,000 and that the MTA is $34.4 billion in debt.

It makes even less sense when you realize how trivial leg spreading really is. Or trivial when compared to the myriad of problems one could face on a subway ride. How about the MTA cracks down on people dressed like pineapples harassing old women? Or how about the MTA cracks down on lewd remarks and other forms of sexual harassment? But no, keep focusing on leg spreading.

Manspreading sounds like some sort of serious and painful hygienic process aimed at removing unwanted hair or skin growths. To find out it’s something as mundane as keeping your legs apart, is a disappointment.

“Preventing manspreading” also sounds like the MTA is getting involved in bedroom business and encouraging their subway riders to get tested and prevent the spread of communicable diseases, which again, sounds like a great idea on paper until you realize that that would be an odd thing for a subway to encourage. Until you start realizing how many people touch those railings in a single day.

I’m okay with the MTA encouraging its riders to be respectful, and creating rules that promote a sense of order. But maybe they should make sure they’re not spending an insane amount of taxpayer’s money on posters for a bizarre issue.

No, it's a dumb idea issue.
No, it’s a dumb idea issue.



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