5 of the Greatest Brian Williams Memory Lapses

Yesterday, it was revealed that Brian Williams suffered one of the worst memory lapses in modern history when he confessed to lying about a helicopter crash while covering the Iraq War in 2003. This lie certainly goes a long way in tainting the pure and sacred image of the Iraq War. However, if you look more closely at Brian Williams, you find a man who is clearly very confused. Here are some of his best memory gaffes:

1. That one time he thought he was in a WWII Japanese internment camp.

-Come to find out, he was just vacationing in Tokyo, 1994.

2. He swore he was on Seal Team 6 and “not to brag, but I may have been the one that capped him”.

-However, when reminded that he was on the news cast that actually delivered the news of Bin Laden’s death, he confessed to having a foggy memory of those events.

3. Brian Williams remembers intercepting Russell Wilson’s goal line pass, securing a Super Bowl victory for the Patriots.

“I apologize, I actually just watched the game, tweeted about it, and then played Madden”.

4. He remembers being on Flight MH370.

“Well, I had a ticket. My mistake. I slept in, missed the flight. But I should have been on it. Was I on it? You know what, now I can’t even remember.”

5. He forgot his daughter was cast in one of the worst live musicals ever.

-Uh, yeah she was. You actually got this backwards, Brian. Your daughter really WAS cast in a lesbian-Peter Pan type thing. And it was horrible.

Someone needs to get this guy a memory-boosting herbal supplement.

"Okay fine, I wasn't on the Titanic. My mistake."
“Okay fine, I wasn’t on the Titanic. My mistake.”

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