How To: Make Mosquito Repellent




-3 cups of Epsom salt

-3 stale 12 oz cheap beers

-About 6 grams of enriched Uranium

-A spray bottle

Mix those three ingredients together until salt is dissolved, or until the entire mixture melts the container you’re mixing it in….

Spray anywhere you sit outside, around pools, will not harm plants or flowers…will instantly kill them.

Mosquitoes gone from that area for apprx. 80 days, along with all wildlife, and other living things. The radiation levels will spike to levels high enough that the government may come and investigate.

I spray my deck all around my sitting areas twice a summer. It strips the wood stain right off, and now astronauts on the ISS can see my deck from space.

I go out and sit in my underwear all the time at nite and never get bit. However, I do have large lumps all over my legs, and my sense of smell is gone.

They leave that area you spray and will not come back.. Been using this mixture last 15 years.. It works..I don’t have hair.

Heard about this on a Paul Harvey segment years ago , that’s how I was informed about it. Made personal decision to add enriched Uranium, wanted to remove guess work from the process of bug genocide.

And it works well.. All my friends that have tried it can’t believe it. They’re also all dead. The stronger you mix the longer it lasts.. Mosquitoes and bugs hate it.. Nice mint smell…and my neighborhood may be legally uninhabitable for the next 100-125 years.

One thought on “How To: Make Mosquito Repellent

  1. I tried this. It didn’t work for me. but, then NOTHING has! I’m going to use what I have left and puree some garlic to add to it, as well as some Geranium essential Oil. (They say it works better than DEET!) Possibly this will help!

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