Barnyard Lampoon’s Business Corner Office

By Professor Moneymaker Barnyard Lampoon’s Business Corner Office: Your correspondence school MBA program, where you’ve already passed your first test—saving money on business school! (Not accredited by any organization except the FREE MARKET. If we’re still here, your degree is valuable. Credits may transfer to Trump University). Suppose you’re sitting in a solutioneering session with … Continue reading Barnyard Lampoon’s Business Corner Office

Sponsored Content: I Used Apple’s iBidet and It Changed My Life

By Michael Gallo Like most Westerners, my process of defecation usually only involves a toilet. But after fellow BL writer Kevin Sheffler returned from Southeast Asia and told wild tales of bum guns and various shower head-type devices used in the "cleaning of shop" so to speak, I was intrigued. Was evacuating one's waste into … Continue reading Sponsored Content: I Used Apple’s iBidet and It Changed My Life

New Job Ideas for Sean Spicer

By Michael Gallo On Friday morning the much-maligned White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, said "peace, I'm out" and resigned from the position that has brought him so much pain, torment, and internet notoriety. By all accounts he resigned over the hiring of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Which, all things considered, … Continue reading New Job Ideas for Sean Spicer

New On NBC This Fall: Kitchen Konvicts

By Michael Gallo Do you like cooking competition shows? Are you enthralled by America’s Prison-industrial complex? Then you’ll love Kitchen Konvicts, coming to NBC’s Tuesday night lineup this fall! We found 30 inmates who were allowed to work in their prison’s kitchen due to good behavior and gave them a chance to compete for their … Continue reading New On NBC This Fall: Kitchen Konvicts