A Letter From Steve Bannon

Dear White People, By now you may have heard that I was fired by President Trump from my cush position as White House Chief Strategist. If you think I got fired because of recent events like the victory protests in Charlottesville, you're a naive idiot. Simple fact of the matter is I was soaking up … Continue reading A Letter From Steve Bannon



Brad “Rad Brad” Jennings Brad “Rad Brad” Jennings went out like he came in: being rad as hell. Born Nov. 25, 1995, Rad Brad made a name for himself in the cutthroat world of internet videos where he became famous for jumping a motorized washing machine over a moving school bus, a stunt which resulted … Continue reading Obituaries

Broken Home: Answers To Your Maintenance Questions

By Michael Gallo American clothing company Under Armour once wisely said “we must protect this house.” And while they were most likely referring to young African Americans protecting a sports venue during a rousing bout of competition, it’s also good advice for your household. We learned a lot of lessons from 2008, but one of … Continue reading Broken Home: Answers To Your Maintenance Questions


Additional Story Lines for Doc McStuffins to Tackle After Two-Mom Family Episode

This past weekend, a Disney Junior animated show called Doc McStuffins featured two doll moms who are separated from their children after a toy dragon causes an earthquake. You'll be comforted to know that the protagonist, Doc McStuffins, helps reunite the family and also teaches the value of having a backup plan in the event … Continue reading Additional Story Lines for Doc McStuffins to Tackle After Two-Mom Family Episode


Fire and Fury: The Musical!

By Michael Gallo Well, looks like that's it, folks. After some chest-puffing on his own golf course, the leader of the free world all but assured the occurrence of a nuclear holocaust. By my estimation, we have about 2-3 months left before civilization as we know it is destroyed and we find out who REALLY … Continue reading Fire and Fury: The Musical!


Tales From Abroad: Cambodian Killing Fields

By: Kevin Sheffler In the year 2014, I quit my job at ESPN and convinced a buddy of mine to travel to Southeast Asia with me. In Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, I thought I would find the solution to all of my life’s problems. Instead I found a disturbing but wildly fascinating network of underground entertainment. … Continue reading Tales From Abroad: Cambodian Killing Fields


What To Do In a Fugue State

By Michael Gallo Being in a fugue state, or experiencing dissociative fugue, is generally considered a negative experience in large part because of the amnesia, confusion about personality, and unconscious traveling. While that all seems like a quick and easy way to get hurt or in trouble, it can also be a good thing. With … Continue reading What To Do In a Fugue State