Founded in 2010, the Barnyard Lampoon is a satire magazine that has NEVER colluded with the Russians, with the exception of a few meetings in regards to publication finances, security details, heavy arms deals, and server space for hosting this website.

We can assure you, the Barnyard Lampoon is your answer to the “satire question” in this deconstructed administrative state.  Available online (assuming you don’t live under an authoritarian regime) and in print, the Barnyard Lampoon is ready, willing, and able. In this post-truth era can you trust any other voice? Yes.

Please pray for our haters during this trying time.

Current Staff:

Michael Gallo: Editor-In-Chief/writer

George Sm’Elliot: Managing editor/contributing writer

Pancakes: Contributing writer

Professor Moneymaker: Contributing writer

Kevin Sheffler: Contributing writer

David Bloom: Political correspondent/contributing writer

Mr. Cadillac: Artist/cartoonist