Fire and Fury: The Musical!

By Michael Gallo Well, looks like that's it, folks. After some chest-puffing on his own golf course, the leader of the free world all but assured the occurrence of a nuclear holocaust. By my estimation, we have about 2-3 months left before civilization as we know it is destroyed and we find out who REALLY … Continue reading Fire and Fury: The Musical!


U.S. Government to Rent Out Empty White House

After President Donald Trump's third straight weekend visit to his Mar-A-Lago estate, AKA the Winter White House, taxpayers and government officials are beginning to worry about the exploding bill for security. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department claims it costs almost $60,000 a day in police overtime to protect the President, with his three most … Continue reading U.S. Government to Rent Out Empty White House

Mother of the Year Serves Cocaine Breast Milk

Two TV reporters are being charged with child abuse after their baby tested positive for cocaine. And as is often the case with news stories about parents making mistakes with their children, people are rushing to judgment and calling for the death of both parents. But maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge. First, … Continue reading Mother of the Year Serves Cocaine Breast Milk


Red Cross Reminder: Minorities Shouldn’t Swim

Post By: Michael Gallo The Red Cross is apologizing after it consulted with the Ku Klux Klan to develop a swim safety poster that looks like a Leni Riefenstahl movie. Here's the poster apparently brought back from the dystopian future where Trump is Supreme Ruler of the United Republic of America: Apparently the Red Cross … Continue reading Red Cross Reminder: Minorities Shouldn’t Swim


BL Sports: Mixed Up News

A Post By: Michael Gallo Can you believe this guy is gay?   No, seriously. He came out today. He's the first openly-gay active athlete that's playing a North American team sport. Which is an oddly unique title. Tim Tebow is the gay Jackie Robinson of our time. Does this mean we finally figured out … Continue reading BL Sports: Mixed Up News