Tales From Abroad: Cambodian Killing Fields

By: Kevin Sheffler In the year 2014, I quit my job at ESPN and convinced a buddy of mine to travel to Southeast Asia with me. In Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, I thought I would find the solution to all of my life’s problems. Instead I found a disturbing but wildly fascinating network of underground entertainment. … Continue reading Tales From Abroad: Cambodian Killing Fields

Crazy Carl’s Caverns: A Review

By: Kevin Sheffler When I hit the car of Barnyard Lampoon’s Editor-In-Chief, Michael Gallo, I was coerced into writing a series of travel columns for his magazine. And after one of my first checks bounced, Mr. Gallo sent me down to Hot Springs, Arkansas to review Crazy Carl’s Caverns. Humans have been obsessed with caves … Continue reading Crazy Carl’s Caverns: A Review