A Letter From Steve Bannon

Dear White People, By now you may have heard that I was fired by President Trump from my cush position as White House Chief Strategist. If you think I got fired because of recent events like the victory protests in Charlottesville, you're a naive idiot. Simple fact of the matter is I was soaking up … Continue reading A Letter From Steve Bannon


What To Do In a Fugue State

By Michael Gallo Being in a fugue state, or experiencing dissociative fugue, is generally considered a negative experience in large part because of the amnesia, confusion about personality, and unconscious traveling. While that all seems like a quick and easy way to get hurt or in trouble, it can also be a good thing. With … Continue reading What To Do In a Fugue State

Mother of the Year Serves Cocaine Breast Milk

Two TV reporters are being charged with child abuse after their baby tested positive for cocaine. And as is often the case with news stories about parents making mistakes with their children, people are rushing to judgment and calling for the death of both parents. But maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge. First, … Continue reading Mother of the Year Serves Cocaine Breast Milk

Shameless Social Media Self-Promotion: Follow Us on Tumblr and Twitter

The Barnyard Lampoon recently created a Tumblr after a parole violation: You can follow it here We set this up because sometimes you don't have the energy to make some stupid point a full article for the website. Rest assured, we will continue to post stupid stuff here as well. Also, don't forget to follow … Continue reading Shameless Social Media Self-Promotion: Follow Us on Tumblr and Twitter

WWII: Helping Russian Squirrel Murderers

A Post By: Michael Gallo Twitter is my main source of news. I have carefully curated who I follow to create a constant flow of updates, breaking news, and current events. My Twitter is perfectly suited for making me constantly depressed. But sometimes, between tweets about terrorists attacks and police killings, you get gems like … Continue reading WWII: Helping Russian Squirrel Murderers